How you can earn from compounding vaults for Beluga.

Maximizers are an innovative vault that give you exposure to the highest yields on your assets. They do this through yielding into the reward token's LP and depositing it into the equivalent Beluga vault, earning higher yields from it. The receipt tokens of the vault is then rewarded to depositors in the vault, meaning, you accumulate risk-free entry into the project's LP and earn the high yields from it.

Why should I stake into a maximizer instead of an autocompounding vault?

Maximizers give you better exposure to the yield farmed than if you were staked in a regular autocompounding vault, meaning, you are more exposed to potential price movements of the reward token.

If you were to stake into an autocompounding vault or compound your yield, and the yield token went up 50%, you will have earned more from the maximizer than if you compounded your yields as you would have more exposure to the token's price movements through the LP that you are rewarded with.

How do I understand the APY on maximizers?

With maximizers, you are not just earning plain yield, instead, you are earning yields on top of the yield generated by the vault. For instance, if a vault displays 10 → 1000% APY, this means that you are earning 10% APR on your assets which are being put to work to generate a 1000% APY in yield, essentially yield on your yield.

Are my maximizer rewards automatically compounded back into my stake?

Your maximizer rewards will not compound back into your staked amount on a maximizer vault. With maximizers, you are given a choice when to sell your rewards, this means that if you choose to compound your earned maximizer rewards back into your maximizer stake, you will have to manually sell your maximizer rewards and reinvest.

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