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❓ What fees does the protocol charge?

Our fees on Fantom and Polygon are of the following:

Fantom - 0% deposit fee, 0.1% withdrawal fee if withdrawn before 8h since your last deposit, and a 3.5% performance fee.

Polygon - 0% deposit fee, 0.1% withdrawal fee as stated above unless shown otherwise on the UI, and a 5% performance fee.

❓ Has Beluga been audited?

Yes. Beluga's smart contracts have been successfully audited by Callisto Network.

The audit details can be found at https://callisto.network/beluga-protocol-security-audit/

Additional audits are planned.

❓ Does Beluga have a timelock?

Beluga has a built-in timelock for vaults, strategies and minting. Vault upgrades and strategy switches have a 12h timelock, proxied strategies have a 12h timelock for upgrade and minting has a 24h timelock.‌

The Beluga team recommends viewing the minting contract and all vaults that you have deposits in for pending upgrades. You can view queued mints on the DelayMinter contract and you can view pending upgrades on all of Beluga's proxies under "Read as Proxy".

❓ How can I view my earnings on vaults?

How earnings are viewed varies from vault-to-vault:

For autocompounding vaults, you can monitor your earnings by monitoring harvests on the vault you are staked into. You can do so by joining our Discord server. Beluga's Discord offers a harvests channel which has alerts on every new vault harvest. This channel allows you to monitor the most recent vault harvests. For vaults that are autocompounding, our webhook will display the share price growth from the harvest. Earnings from autocompounding vaults are in the form of share price increases, which increase the value of your stake on Beluga.

For maximizer vaults, all earnings are reflected under the "Earned" section on the vault page.

❓ Why does my amount under "Withdraw" show less than my "Staked" amount?

With Beluga vaults, when you deposit into a vault, you are minted shares for that vault. These represent your deposit in the vault. Every vault share token is composed of an x amount of the underlying token of the vault. This is known as the vault's share price or Price Per Full Share. When a Beluga vault is compounded, or an early exit penalty is charged, this share price increases, increasing the value of one vault share.

❓ I hit claim on a maximizer and was transferred bXXX tokens, how can I break/sell/use these tokens?

These tokens are vault shares, they represent a deposit in a specific Beluga vault. With maximizer vaults, your yield is invested into the LP of the native farm token and autostaked for you on Beluga. For instance, on the TOMB-FTM-LP Maximizer, you are earning TSHARE-FTM-LPs which are automatically staked in Beluga's respective vault for you. After claiming, you can simply find these LPs on said vault. You can also click on the earned amount and it will direct you to the vault as well. This applies for all maximizer vaults.

❓ What does "🔥🔥" mean on the UI?

For vaults with extremely high APYs, Beluga's UI displays their APY figures as "🔥🔥" as an indicator of the high yields that these vaults generate.

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