Delegate your voting power to Beluga to efficiently earn bribe yield.

Beluga's pods product provides automated governance voting strategies which allow for you extract the maximum value of your voting power on protocols such as BeethovenX, 0xDAO, and others.

Beluga's initial pod is built for fBEETS, which provides an automated voting strategy for bribes on BeethovenX's weekly gauge vote. This is planned for release in March 2022.

Pods allow for you to extract the maximum value out of your fBEETS bribes by being built for capital efficiency. Through pods, your bribe rewards are automatically invested into Beluga's maximizer vaults, earning you the high yields of top voted pools. These rewards are paid in fBEETS which are autostaked onto Beluga's platform and redelegated to the pod, establishing a flywheel on bribe yield.

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