Maximize your yield on SOLID, oxSOLID, and Solidly veNFTs!

Beluga's beSOLID vault is a maximizer vault designed for 0xDAO's oxSOLID staking pool. With beSOLID, you gain exposure to maximized yields on your SOLID, oxSOLID, or veNFTs through Beluga's innovative maximizer strategy!

To maximize your SOLID yields, you simply have to stake any of the three aforementioned tokens and watch the yields flow in!


With beSOLID, you are earning TRIPLE yield from 0xDAO's oxSOLID staking rewards. Through 0xDAO's underlying pool, you are earning OXD, SOLID, & oxSOLID, each of these three being paid out in Beluga's OXD-FTM, SOLID-FTM, and SOLID-oxSOLID vaults!

Partnership Rewards

beSOLID is also designed to pool its oxSOLID holdings to allow users of the beSOLID vault to earn 0xDAO's oxSOLID partnership rewards (which are even higher than standard rewards!). Beluga will automatically migrate its oxSOLID to partner staking once beSOLID reaches the quota for partner rewards.

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