A liquid staking wrapper for PANIC tokens

Beluga offers a liquid wrapper for locking PANIC tokens on Panicswap. Through Beluga's bePANIC vault, you are given the ability to lock your PANIC for bePANIC tokens. These bePANIC tokens entitle you to rewards generated by Beluga's lock on Panicswap. These bePANIC tokens can also be swapped back to PANIC through the PANIC-bePANIC sAMM on Panicswap.

Simply by holding bePANIC tokens, you are automatically earning autocompounding PANIC-FTM LP through our innovative maximizer design. Each bePANIC token you hold represents 1 PANIC locked in Panicswap's locker contract.

Adding Liquidity

As a bePANIC holder, you are also given the additional option of being a liquidity provider for bePANIC. As a bePANIC liquidity provider, you earn PANIC tokens from Panicswap's liquidity incentives for its PANIC-bePANIC stableswap AMM. Please note that as a bePANIC liquidity provider, you do not earn the yield generated by Beluga's bePANIC vault, only the PANIC yield generated by the liquidity pool.

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